Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tom Trento's Coverage of the Hamas Rally in Fort Lauderdale

For those of us who understand the stark realities of Global Jihad, thanks in part to watching endless videotape of foaming-at-the-mouth Jihadists spewing their Israeli and America hatred in various worldwide locales, there is a monumental difference between intellectually knowing these horrendous scenes occur in some obscure location, and actually witnessing them in your own backyard.

The video below was filmed by a local Floridian named Tom Trento at the pro-Hamas rally in downtown Fort Lauderdale on December 30, 2008. There is very little I can add, as the evidence speaks for itself, but I will follow up later with a post about my experience at last week's pro-Israel rally, which also took place in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

I will leave you with one not-so-subtle hint: you'll notice that a few of the Hamas demonstrators are sporting baseball caps and other apparel with the name of a certain soon-to-be sworn in President Elect. Hardly surprising, but no less disturbing.

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