Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank you, President Bush!

Just came across these beautiful tributes on You Tube. While I had many disagreements with President Bush on issues like the bailout, amnesty for illegals and the Harriet Miers debacle, one thing I always knew for certain was that this man genuinely loved his country. That he was so willing to take on such diabolic rancor from the Left in America and worldwide, in order to make the tough decisions necessary to keep us safe, speaks volumes about his character.

Remember this is a public servant who, while serving in office, witnessed the production of a popular film and a book celebrating his assassination; tangled with treacherous Democrats like Harry Reid (who declared the war lost even as our honorable troops were actively engaged in the battlefield); and saw his likeness compared to everything from heinous dictators like Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin, to mentally retarded individuals and monkeys. He was called a moron, a stupid cowboy and an idiot more times than I care to remember (and those are the nicer terms they used).

Yet he never wavered in the defense of this great nation, always keeping his eye on the ball while retaining a sense of humor and an amazingly thick skin. If anything, he was waaay too nice to his Democratic "friends" in Congress, who never missed an opportunity to make him look bad in the eyes of the USA and the world, despite the fact that two wars were raging against a relentless enemy that wanted nothing more than total annihilation of Americans -- liberal, conservative or somewhere in between.

Thank you, Mr. President. Man, am I ever gonna miss you!

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