Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The "Scott" Heard Round the World

OK, I admit it. I stole this title from Doc Paul. Although to be fair you must cut me some slack, as I am still ecstatic over Scott Brown's historic victory. No doubt about it, this was truly historic. A conservative candidate winning in deep blue Massachusetts. This election was quite simply the first salvo in the Second American Revolution. We now have Obamacare on the ropes and we must now knock it out for good.

This victory was only the first of many battles to come. We must be relentless in our defense of freedom and traditional American values. We must now work even harder. We must be prepared for Democratic and White House tricks in delaying Mr. Brown's taking his seat, and in continuing efforts to bribe and muscle a health care bill through Congress.

Also Republicans need to learn from this election. Mr. Brown ran a flawless campaign because he ran on conservative ideas. In a state with a huge Democratic majority, he appealed to Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike. It was the only way he could win. But note how he appealed to these groups. He didn't do it by pandering to every interest group that came down the pike, like RINO candidates do. He ran as a conservative and these groups were drawn to him. They were drawn to him because conservative values are American values. They are the values of Ronald Reagan, and the values of our Founding Fathers. They are enduring. Limited government, individual freedom, religious tolerance, strong national defense, term limits, transparency, and control of government spending. Quite simply a recipe for success.

Viva Scott Brown, and thank you good citizens of Massachusetts. God Bless America. Let freedom ring in 2010.

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