Monday, January 18, 2010

Scott Brown for US Senate

What is happening now in Massachusetts is the greatest "ride" since Paul Revere rousted the colonists out of their warm beds to warn that the Red Coats were coming. Scott Brown is now warning the locals that Obamacare is coming and that we can and will defeat it. His clarion call has propelled him into the lead, in a race for a Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy for 47 years. Of course, Mr. Brown also had the line of the year and perhaps the decade, when he responded to a question about running for Ted Kennedy's old seat. The essence of his response was that the seat did not belong to Ted Kennedy but rather to the people of Massachusetts. Brilliant!

With 48 hours to go however, this is no time to slack off. All Republicans, and freedom loving Democrats and Independents must hit the phone lines, and make sure they assist their friends and neighbors in getting to the polls. This is not a race against a Democratic candidate, this is a race against the socialists/Marxists who have hijacked the Democratic Party.

I don't think I exaggerate when I say that this may be the most important race in our history to date. If Mr. Brown wins we stand a good chance of stopping Obamacare in its tracks. It will deny the racist Harry Reid the 60 votes he needs and most likely cause some moderate Democrat defections in the Senate.

I say a good chance of stopping socialized medicine and not totally stopping it because even if Mr. Brown wins, the White House and the Democratic party will not "accept" it. They will gin up fraudulent reasons to delay his swearing in so that they can ram in a vote in the interim. Hopefully, the RNC and Republican Party have lawyers at the ready to file petitions in court to prevent such a farce and to enable Mr. Brown to get sworn in promptly should he win the election.

We are now on the one yard line. Let's not settle for a field goal. Freedom requires a touchdown.

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