Thursday, September 17, 2009

King Obama I

I have been scratching my head trying to remember the last time a political leader so angered the majority of the American people, as to cause widespread disgust and spontaneous public demonstrations of patriotism.

While it's true that George W. Bush was detested and vilified by the far Left, his detractors constituted a small fringe minority of the body politic. Bill Clinton was certainly disliked by conservatives like myself, but he never inspired mass demonstrations like we're seeing today. Similarly, Ronald Reagan, like Bush 43 was hated by the far left, but again we are talking about a very small, albeit vocal minority.

I then thought back to Richard Nixon, he of enemies list fame. While the Left despised him and he was in the White House at a time of large protests and mass demonstrations, the thrust of those public displays was opposition to the Viet Nam war. While many who attended were clearly anti- Nixon, the former President was not the sole driving force behind those marches. They started in the Johnson administration and would have continued had Humphrey been elected in 1968.

Still stumped, I looked further back in history. While Southerners, who comprised half of the country clearly hated Lincoln, we are talking about a time in history when the country was fighting a bloody civil war. Their anger was directed at all things Northern not just Lincoln, and the feeling was mutual. A review of the first fifteen Presidents also came up empty.

Who then could compare to the Chosen One? It hit me while watching a tea party protest on the news one night. Tea party was a term I had not heard used in modern times, until the President took office in January. Before its modern revival the last time the term "tea party" was in vogue was in the 1700s when American colonists threw a big party in Boston harbor. Who was in charge then? Who was the leader who provoked such outrage? None other that King George III, that's who. He's the leader who Obama most resembles. Remember him? Taxation without representation, imposition of government control over every aspect of American life, and loser of an important war. Sounds just like a guy who would be a good czar in the current Administration.

The President ought to study King George III, for he who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it. Unless Mr. Obama soon realizes that he is a president and not a king, he will meet the same fate as the erstwhile British monarch. He will learn that it is unwise to attempt to take away the freedom of the American people. Should he continue to try to do so, the President like King George III will inevitably find himself on the losing side of the next American Revolution.

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