Monday, December 1, 2008

Palin Campaigning for Chambliss in Georgia

Thanksgiving may be over, but I am betting Senator Chambliss is extremely grateful to Palin for rallying the faithful. She's the best thing to emerge from an incredibly tedious and trying election season. As one of the thousands in attendance put it so succinctly: "Our candidate did not win the election but she won our hearts."

And proving once again she's a class-act, Sarah had nothing but praise for her former running mate, John McCain, though the senator from Arizona couldn't seem to muster the "honor" and courage to defend her from the reprehensible smears put forth by cowardly, despicable members of his own staff. With leaders like Sarah, the future of conservatism is bright, as long as grass-roots activists remain engaged, hold our elected representatives accountable and make a consistent, concerted effort to educate and inform.

Go Sarah go! And may Senator Chambliss prevail in tomorrow's run-off.

H/T: Hot Air

UPDATE: Chambliss wins, credits Sarah for his victory.

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