Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Frost - Nixon

I remember when the Frost - Nixon interviews took place in the Fall of 1977. I watched a few segments and it was apparent to me that Nixon handled the British journalist pretty easily. I simply inquired why Nixon would waste his time talking to a member of the main stream media, although there weren't any alternatives at the time except in the print media, i.e. National Review. The only explanation I can come up with is Nixon's psychological issues and personality foibles which ultimately led to his downfall, but that's another story.

When I heard the ads for the new movie, I simply ignored them because I have no intention of seeing this film. How much liberal drivel can one take? Especially at Christmastime.

However, I happened to be listening to Monica Crowley last Saturday night on the way to a Christmas party and she raised some very interesting issues about the movie and journalism in general. As Monica so cleverly called them, why does the "lame - stream media" continue to bash Conservatives and Republicans and give Democrats a pass. When she first raised this subject, I thought nothing new there Monica we already know that. However, she raised a very interesting example by way of contrast which bears repeating here, especially now with the " Messiah's" coronation on the horizon.

Monica pointed out that the lame-streamers loved that Nixon was grilled for 14 hours by Frost, and some even thought Frost went easy on him. But here is where it got really interesting. Monica then raised our friend Bill Clinton's recent interview with Chris Wallace. You remember that one. Wallace asked him a few fair questions, and Clinton accustomed to only soft balls from an adoring dinosaur media, hit the roof. Wallace's questions could hardly be classified as tough and yet Clinton screamed like a baby. Mind you this was an interview that lasted maybe a half hour and Clinton couldn't take it. It was astounding that a man who had been President for 8 years,had NEVER been asked a fair question. Unbelievable! Only in America and in the blinded world of the "lame - stream media".

Monica wondered as do I, why Clinton and other liberals are always given a pass. Where and when will Clinton's feet be held to the fire? Don't hold your breath was her conclusion, with which I agree. In what made for some very interesting radio, Monica then posed some questions which she would like to see Clinton answer, and which he would be relentlessly hounded to answer if he were a Republican. I won't repeat Monica's questions ( all of them good ) here, but I would like to add a few of my own.

Mr. President why did you sell nuclear secrets to Communist China? Was your 1996 re-election campaign really more important than the safety of the country? Why after all the terrorist attacks of the 1990s did you do nothing and treat this war as a petty criminal action? How could you nominate an anti-American jurist like Ruth Bader Ginsberg to the Supreme Court?

How about the following inquiries to a man who garnered 90% of the African American vote? If you were really the first black President, why did you do nothing to stop the genocide in Rwanda? For that matter, why did you do nothing while Muslims were slaughtering hundreds of thousands of black Christians in Sudan? How come you spent considerably less than the current Bush administration to combat the spread of aids in Africa?

That's simply the tip of the iceberg, I still didn't get to Vince Foster and Ron Brown, but you get the picture. So query, why doesn't Chris Matthews or Larry King pursue this interview. You know that they and their ilk will soon start hounding President Bush for the big "gotcha" interview. If the lame - streamers were to ask Clinton the questions that both Monica and I raised, the ratings would go through the roof. The only problem is that you couldn't do a proper interview with Clinton in 14 hours. You would need 14 days.

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