Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Christmas Stories

How bout some of these gems that Santa delivered over the years: electric football, (in which it took 15 minutes just to set up the players for each play) Monday Night Football, Kelly Car Wash, strat-o-matic football and baseball, and that "mini-disc" player recounting the heroics of Daryle Lamonica and Dick Butkus among others.

Also who remembers this memorable tree story from one of our last Christmases in Springfield. This was in the era of Uncle Rube Claus.The tree was too tall once we put it in the stand, so we cut some off of the base. The only problem was that we cut too much off and we couldn't put the tree back in the stand because of the lower hanging branches. We then had to take the piece of the base that we had just cut off, shave a couple of inches off of it and nail back onto the tree itself. By doing that, we were then able to get the tree in the stand and it looked great. Nobody could tell the difference.

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