Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't Be Fooled GOP

Poll after poll confirms that the vast majority of Americans oppose Obamacare. Americans are a free people and instinctively know that Obamacare has nothing to do with health care, but is simply a big government takeover of one - sixth of the US economy. Could there be any further repudiation of Obamacare than the election of Scott Brown, in deep blue Massachusetts?

Remember the summer recess when ordinary, freedom - loving Americans appeared en masse at town hall meetings across the country and let their elected representatives have it about Obamacare. These largely Democratic legislators were clearly taken aback by the public reaction. They had never had anyone stand up to them before. Democrats in Washington are used to elected Republicans playing dead and rolling over, and capitulating to their every whim. What a shock to them when they discovered that the American people are a much more formidable opponent than the Republican Party.

Which brings me to the upcoming Presidential summit on health care scheduled for later this month. While I disagree vehemently with the President on virtually every issue, he is very intelligent and an extremely skilled politician. No doubt he has learned from the set backs he suffered in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts. The health care summit could be a stroke of genius on his part, if the GOP allows it to be. Remember the Trojan horse? The President clearly wants to make it look like Republicans are simply the party of no,and are just playing politics.

However, it is Mr. Obama who is playing politics here and there is a way that the GOP can expose his trickery. Republicans must continually emphasize that the summit is a sham because the President won't scrap the House and Senate bills and start from scratch. Remind people about the evils of socialized medicine. Talk rationing and death panels. The GOP has to keep reminding the public that they are willing to start anew at ground zero and work in a bipartisan manner to help improve what is clearly the best health care delivery system in the world. Steal a line from Bill Clinton, "mend it, don't end it."

In advance of the summit Republicans must reduce their plan to writing in simple form, and insist that all of the issues on the table in their plan be up for discussion. Then they have to put their plan out on the Internet. Most importantly Republicans must not back down. If the President, won't agree to these conditions, the GOP should refuse to appear. The same public which has stopped Obamacare dead in its tracks to this point, is solidly with the Republicans on this one. If the President insists on ramming one of the current bills down our collective throats despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans don't want it, then let the Democrats own it.

All you have to do GOP is show a little gumption and "strategery" this month, the American people will take care of the rest come November.

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