Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Feminist Hero

Police Sgt. Kimberly Munley emerged from the horror of the Ft. Hood massacre as a real life heroine. What a woman of courage risking her life and sustaining serious injury, while taking down the jihadist murderer. All women, indeed all people, should be very proud of Sgt. Munley. However, where are her sister feminists in the aftermath of this heroic deed? Not a word from NOW. Where are you Oprah? Nancy Pelosi anyone? Is Hilary Clinton still dancing in a village in Africa? Once again these frauds that call themselves American feminists have been exposed. They are not patriotic Americans, nor do they give a damn about women. They care only about their socialist, pro-abortion agenda. Shame on them. They can't hold a candle to real American women like Sgt. Munley.

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