Sunday, November 15, 2009

Court - Martial for General Casey

One of the most shocking events in the aftermath of the Fort Hood massacre were the outrageous and chilling words of General Casey. His comment that it would be an even bigger tragedy if diversity itself became a victim, is an outrage and an insult to the fourteen who lost their lives in this preventable massacre, and the grieving families they left behind. Yes, the number of dead is fourteen and not thirteen as the lame stream media reports, because one of the soldiers was pregnant and her baby's life was snuffed out by this terrorist before it had a chance to begin.

What makes the General's comments so egregious is that they are reflective of how political correctness is not only paralyzing us as a society, but is now putting us in grave danger. Or rather has already put in grave danger, since the Ft. Hood dead are to be buried this week.

There was ample evidence as well as a long history of the terrorist behavior of this lunatic, and the Army was clearly on notice of it. Yet nothing was done out of fear of offending a Muslim officer. Those who expressed concern were afraid to make any official reports to their superiors, for fear of becoming victims of political correctness themselves, and having their careers derailed. I guess the good General believes that it is better not to offend anyone, especially a Muslim, even if you have to sacrifice American lives in the process.

What is even more frightening is that the jihadists have infiltrated our military, and stooges like General Casey in their quest for diversity, don't seem to care. In addition, there are many jihadist sleeper cells throughout the country. When will we wake up? Do we even care anymore?

What is needed is a full scale investigation of the all branches of the military and every mosque and Islamic organization throughout the country. This investigation needs to be initiated from the White House, and needs to be massive and thorough in its scope. As a point of reference, I cite the Tailhook investigation of 1991 ordered by the Administration of President George H.W. Bush, a veteran of the Navy. Tail hook involved untoward behavior by men directed at women in the Navy. A large scale investigation was launched into allegations of what at best can be described as sexual misconduct. As a result, many naval careers became a casualty. While everyone agrees that this type of conduct cannot be tolerated, nobody died at Tailhook as they did at Ft. Hood.

Mr. President, please order the attorney general to initiate such an investigation forthwith. Members of Congress, I call on you to pressure the White House if it won't act promptly. While this investigation is pending, General Casey should be relieved of his duties with pay. If the investigation reveals that the Ft. Hood's murderer's intentions were well known to the General and ignored them, then he should be court - martialed.

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