Friday, October 2, 2009

Sarah's Revenge

The woman reviled and scorned as an imbecile by our friends on the Left, has struck once again. Her forthcoming book Going Rogue: An American Life is already numero uno on both and Barnes and, and it won't even be released until November 17. Not bad for an illiterate rube from Steward's Icebox. Of course, this is the same hick who in one short Facebook post redefined the health care debate, thus putting the President and his "death panels" squarely on the defensive. I hope Chairman Steele and the gang at the RNC are taking notes. Obviously, Senator McCain (whom I will forever salute as a war hero) is not. Nor is Senator "Gang of 14" Graham. Both of them are proving their eagerness to lose even more elections with their "centrist" nonsense. How'd that work out for you in 2008, Senator McCain?

Oh and by the way RNC, have you forgotten the Left's attacks on the "Amiable Dunce" in the 1970s -- the former actor, cowboy and California Governor whom President Carter and his team ardently hoped would be the Republican nominee in 1980? Whatever happened to that Old Fella? I guess he's not as memorable as some of the "notables" the RNC have force-fed to the American people, e.g. Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush (1992 version), Bob Dole, and John McCain. Do I detect a pattern here? Moderate = Electoral Defeat. In case you haven't noticed RNC, there is a huge movement sweeping the country. Folks who've never been politically active or participated in protests have been taking to the streets demanding a return to Constitutional principles -- you know, limited government, low taxes, strong national defense and individual liberty. Funny, these are some of the things Sarah Palin consistently champions in her writings, speeches and interviews. Hmmm.

I suggest Michael Steele et al take a clue from the Tea Parties. The candidate who is unapologetic about American exceptionalism and the vision of this country put forth by our Founding Fathers is the candidate who will take the White House, not to mention save the USA from impending disaster. And if that's not enough for you, here's a litmus test: simply look at the Republican candidate that the Left despises and mocks the most, and you've found your or man -- or woman. The bottom line is the Left deeply fears Sarah Palin and they know they need to destroy her now.

The fact is that Governor Palin has the greatest political instincts since President Reagan. The Left and the dinosaur media viciously attacked Sarah and her family and it backfired. Next they set out to destroy her governorship by filing multiple, bogus ethics complaints which had nothing to do with ethics, and everything to do with bankrupting the Palin family. When she resigned this past summer, they incorrectly assumed they'd achieved a "gotcha" moment, as did some pseudo-elitist, Beltway conservative commentators (who didn't much like Palin from the get-go).

Wrong again folks! Not only did she pass the torch on to her highly capable poltical twin, former Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell (along with a fiscally solvent state treasury), her resignation proved to be her most brilliant move to date, with the possible exception of completing her book several months ahead of time.

Her recent speech in Hong Kong was a grand slam that even the near-bankrupt New York Times called "compelling". How refreshing to have an honest, middle class American just like us with a real chance at the Presidency. George Washington would be proud; this is exactly the way the American system developed by our Founders was designed to work. They'd had their fill of despots and monarchs, going to great lengths to ensure a government "by the people, for the people and of the people". Enough of the elite ruling class of both parties telling us what to do!

Keep it up Sarah. My wife and I are anxiously awaiting your book in the mail.

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