Friday, October 2, 2009

An Open Letter to Michael Steele and the RNC

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If the Republicans hope to reclaim Congress in 2010, the recipe in my humble opinion, is pretty simple. It calls for a new, simpler version of the Contract with America of 1994, and consists of two simple points.

1. A Republican majority in Congress will support no legislation nor pass any law which Congress itself doesn't have to live under. It's pretty simple. If a law is good enough for We the People, it should be good enough for Congress. This would ensure the death of Obamacare and the salvation of Social Security. Right now it's easy to support Obamacare if you're in Congress when it won't apply to you and your family, who will still get "gold standard", traditional American medical care.

2. Term limits. If 8 years is enough for Presidents, then 12 years ought to be good enough for Congress. That's 2 terms for Senators and 6 terms for Congressmen. Politics is about publice service, not fat public pensions.

I hope you're listening Mr. Steele. The millions who have taken to the streets in the Tea Party movement, will not simply pull the Republican lever because they're angry at the President and his party. If Republicans do no better than Obama-lite, they will find themselves in the political wilderness for generations.


Larry Sheldon said...

Short form:

No More RINOs.

Larry Sheldon said...


Larry Sheldon said...

If you haven't replaced Steele's face with a Republican's by mid-day tomorrow (when my must read list runs again), I'dropping tei blog off the list.

Larry Sheldon said...

That's good for a week.


But pretty soon we're going to need some currently-registered-outside-of-Cook-County folks on our side if there is going to be an "oru side" much longer.

I mean, don't get me wrong--it looks like Mr. Steele is a nice enough fellow--but his actions (which is all I care about much) are not my actions.

Larry Sheldon said...


Do we have no living candidates? Sowell? Thomas? Somebody?

What a sad sad world we live in.

Larry Sheldon said...

Did you read "The Other McCain" today?

Doc Paul said...

Larry - I hadn't until I saw your comment. Which one are you referring to specifically? Meghan's Knees Shot? NY-23 and support of the RINO over the conservative? Something else?

Larry Sheldon said...

word verification "fixagies"

From the news, I'd say the Aggies are among the few doing it right.